Working and Employment opportunities in Italy

Italy was late to industrialise in relation to other Western European nations and until the 1950s was mainly an agricultural economy. It has since developed rapidly and agriculture now only accounts for about 2% of GDP, however modern Italy, home to over 60 million people, is still famed for it’s produce though, grapes for wine, pigs producing fine Palma Ham, and of course the cheeses.

Italy’s shifting focus has meant a growth in Manufacturing, centred around Milan, Turin and Genoa in the north and includes Textiles, Engineering, Steel fabrication and Chemical products. Automobiles, Clothing and Ceramics have all become major exports from this area. The South still remains largely agricultural, though this is subsidised by enormous amounts of tourists.

The Service industries like many European counterparts have become an important part of the economy employing over 50% of the workforce, Fashion and Tourism being major employers. Shipping and Logistics have also remained strong due to Italy’s large commercial fleet and this has also facilitated exports of cars, machinery, chemicals and foodstuffs.
Italy is a good bet if you are an Engineer, Chemist or Pharmaceuticals worker or if you are working in Fashion or Textiles.
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